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What is the best flea spray to use at home?

If you’ve found fleas in your pet, most likely they are in your home too. While you can simply give your dog or cat some flea medication and hope that that solves the problem, it is best to treat your home to break the life cycle of fleas hiding in your carpets or furniture.

This is where home flea sprays such as Wondercide Home and Pet can help. This is our favorite because it is made with natural ingredients and comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances. There are a few other good options to choose from, however, and we’re going to explain everything you need to know about some of them here. We’ll also equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about any other flea spray you are considering.

What to Know Before Buying a Home Flea Spray


While you want a flea spray to be effective, safety should be the top concern. You will be using these sprays in your home where you, your pet, and your children live. Because of this, you shouldn’t just buy the first pesticide you see in the store. You need to make sure that you are purchasing an indoor spray.

You need to be extra careful if you own a cat as there are many ingredients commonly used in flea sprays that are safe for dogs but toxic to cats. For example, many topical dog flea treatments contain permethrin, which is highly toxic to cats. It’s not just chemical insecticides to worry about. Clove oil sounds harmless, but it is also toxic to cats.

Natural or chemical ingredients

Flea home sprays can use natural or chemical ingredients. While we’re always fans of using only natural products when possible, a chemical option may be the only one that works when you’re dealing with a terrible infestation. Here are some common ingredients you’ll see in home flea sprays:

Cedar oil – This natural flea and tick repellent is safe for both cats and dogs. It interferes with many life sustaining activities of insects, including mating, feeding, and even breathing, which makes it very effective.

Clove oil – As mentioned earlier, cedar oil is toxic to cats if ingested. Any products formulated for dogs that contain high levels of it or eugenol, a substance derived from cedarwood, should not be used in households with cats. However, some flea sprays designed for cats use clove oil in very low concentrations. While you should use these with caution, they are safe if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Permethrin – This chemical belongs to the pyrethroid class of insecticides and, on contact, kills adult fleas, ticks, and many other insects. It also repels mosquitoes. However, it doesn’t kill eggs, which is why most products that contain it use other chemicals as well. Permethrin is also widely used to treat scabies and lice.

Etofenprox – This is another member of the pyrethroid class that kills adult insects.

Nylar – Often combined with a pyrethroid, Nylar is a growth regulator that disrupts the life cycle of insects. It prevents flea eggs from hatching and larvae from developing. Note that ticks are not affected.

(S) -methoprene – This is another growth inhibitor that disrupts the life cycle of fleas but has no effect on ticks. It prevents pupae and larvae from developing into hatching adults, and it also prevents eggs from hatching.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Quality Flea Spray for the Home


All flea sprays have a certain scent, even those marked as fragrance-free. If you are sensitive to odors, wear a mask when you apply it and open the windows to ventilate your home or leave it for a few hours afterwards. Many natural sprays contain additional essential oils and active ingredients to give them a more pleasant scent. These can consist of lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, and others.


Flea home sprays come in many different sizes, from small 4-ounce bottles for spot treatment of areas to large 1-gallon jugs for the entire house. To determine how much you will need, you can check the manufacturer’s details for the coverage area. Take into account upholstery and curtains as this can significantly increase the square footage that you will apply the product to.

When trying a new product it may be best to start with a small container to make sure that you can tolerate the smell and that it is suitable for your needs.


You should always carefully follow the guidelines of any flea sprays that you use at home or around your pet and children. Some are intended for use only on inanimate surfaces and objects, while others can be safely applied directly to pets.

How much can you spend on a home flea spray?

Depending on the recipe and size of the bottle, you can pay anywhere from $ 2 to $ 30 for a home flea spray. Chemical-based formulas are often the cheapest, while natural options are usually the most expensive ounce for ounce.

Home Flea Spray FAQ

How long does it take for flea sprays to work?

A. Most home flea sprays start killing fleas almost immediately. However, depending on the spray used, you may need to apply the product a couple of times to completely rid your home of the infestation. See the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions on how often to reapply if you are still seeing signs of fleas.

Is there anything I can do to make the flea spray more effective?

A. To kill fleas, the spray needs to get to the insects. Immediately before applying the treatment, you should vacuum the carpet, if present. This will bring the eggs closer to the surface and make adult fleas more active. Also, make sure to move furniture out of the way and apply the spray under beds and couches and in any other dark room where insects like to hide.

What is the best flea spray to use at home?

Top flea spray for the home

Wondercide home and pet

What you need to know: This biodegradable formula is ideal for anyone concerned about the use of chemicals in their home.

What you will love: It kills insects at all stages of their life cycle to prevent future infestation and there are several fragrances to choose from.

What you should be aware of: Some may find the scent overwhelming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top flea spray for the home for the money

Vet's best flea and tick house

Vet’s best flea and tick house

What you need to know: Not only is Vet’s Best affordable, effective, and natural, but most find it scented.

What you will love: The formula is gentle enough to use directly on dogs 12 weeks and older.

What you should be aware of: You should not use this product in households with cats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Checking out is worth it

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus location

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus location

What you need to know: Precor 2000 is a good choice for heavy infestations and uses different types of pesticides to ensure eradication.

What you will love: It can also help rid the home of roaches and ants.

What you should be aware of: It is not safe to apply directly to pets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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