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Ed and Lorraine Warren are back in “based on a true story” business The incantation: The devil made me do it. So how much of what the audience saw actually happened?

Well, as with any supernatural activity report, whether demons walk the earth is between you and your therapist. That is, maybe more than any other title in The Conjuring Universe, The devil made me do it generously draws on real crime cases and news that you can actually review.

In 1981, the third film set in Brookfield, Connecticut The incantation The plot is largely based on the infamous murder trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson – the third man in modern crime history to try to defend himself through demonic possession. Here’s what’s checked and what’s not.

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Identify a victim or witness name that has been changed or omitted for the film. Out of respect, only the names given are used in this article, although the real ones are available.

The exorcism by David Glatzel Yes, there have been numerous attempts to cast out supposed demons from 12-year-old David Glatzel. But in a recent one Interview with theHartford Courant

David’s older brother Carl claimed again – as he had for many years – that such an obsession had never occurred. Both Ed and Lorraine Warren maintained their beliefs in the possession until their deaths in 2006 and 2019, respectively. What Lorraine described about ownership in a series of interviews isn’t nearly as detailed as what we see in the film, but she did report that David was floating and speaking in tongues and had unidentified markings on his body. David’s brother Debbie Glatzel also described how her brother was physically attacked by demons in oneFeaturette for the film


The audio recording at the end of the film of David screaming and growling is real but has never been fully released to the public. It is also noteworthy that while the Warrens speak of a demon possessing his body in the film, Lorraine repeatedly said that during the actual investigation of the case it could have been as many as 40 demons who possessed David.

The murder of Bruno Sauls *

Yes, Debbie Glatzel’s boyfriend at the time, Arne Johnson, was present at at least one of David’s exorcisms, and witnesses say he “invited” the demon into his body. And yes, those two facts would form the basis of Johnson’s defense when he was charged with murder a few weeks later.

Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Image: Getty Images / Warner Bros. In the film, Johnson is shown chasing Sauls through the kennels and stabbing him to death while only Debbie is watching. In reality, Johnson murdered Sauls in the front yard after Sauls reportedly forcibly grabbed and refused to let go of Debbie’s then 9-year-old cousin. Debbie, Johnson’s sister and cousin were all questioned by detectives and would provide evidence at the trial. As the movie says, this was the one first murder recorded

in Brookfield’s 193 year history.

It is noteworthy that the scene in which Johnson is walking down the street covered in blood and telling the police, “I think I hurt someone” actually happened. He was only two miles from the crime scene.

“The Disciples of Aries” and the Jessica Louise Strong and Katie Lincoln murders OK, so as is tradition in the Conjuring Universe, the middle third of The devil did it absolutely did not happen. Any connection to the disciples of Aries – a fictional cult found in the Annabelle

Series, the FWIW appears to be largely based on the Manson family – or an organization like them doesn’t exist. There have been no reports of bewitched totems, dark Bibles, witches, none of that. Additionally, the additional murders of characters Jessica Louise Strong and Katie Lincoln as part of a wider curse related to Johnson’s case are not based on the fact. While many young women were missing in Connecticut during this period, it was later found that almost all cases alleged links to devil worship were part of a widespread phenomenon known as is knownSatanic panic

. And of course, none of them ever had anything to do with Johnson’s case.

The trial of Arne Johnson Well here is the real kicker. For as much as The devil made me do it

promises a much-noticed process that will ultimately determine whether Satan exists, such an event never took place.

Johnson’s trial certainly received adequate coverage for his conspicuous attempt at defense. But there was only one thing left: an attempt. Johnson’s defense attorney *, who is not named in the film, wanted to continue the argument that Johnson could not be found guilty of possession. But the judge assigned to the case refused to hear the argument, Specification perHartford Courant

So the process continued with a greater focus on the circumstances of the stabbing rather than demonic forces. Johnson was eventually sentenced to a maximum of 10 to 20 years for manslaughter. With good behavior, Johnson was released in just over four years. According to the movie’s final slate, Debbie and Arne got married while he was in prison and stayed married for more than 30 years. Debbie,after Carl Glatzel , however, died recently. Her death is not recognized in the film or in an online obituary. A documentary focused on the case, entitledShock Docs: The devil made me do it ,

expected on Discovery + on June 11th. The incantation: The devil made me do itis in theaters now and on HBO Max


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