The internet is obsessed with a woman raising 30 kittens


A woman who adopted 30 kittens attracted viral attention this week after sharing a video of her new feline loved ones on TikTok.

With more than 465,000 views, the video is impressive here, shared by user felinefosteradventure, shows the profusion of tiny kittens curled up in beds, boxes and pillows. Delighted by the adorable scene, netizens have praised the woman for her caring gesture.

Spring marks the start of what many people will refer to as “kitten season” – the time of year when thousands of kittens are taken into animal shelters. Cat breeding season occurs during the warmer months, typically March through October, and many shelters will experience the majority of their cat intake during this time.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that in Los Angeles, 90 percent of kittens admitted to shelters come during kitten season. Likewise, 84 percent of kittens adopted by shelters in New York City are adopted during kitten season months.

With 30 kittens and seven mom cats, the TikToker joked in the comments, “It was a good idea back then, now I’m questioning my sanity,” before adding, “Kitten season is in full swing!”

One TikTok user commented, “All those kitties. That’s a whole lot of cuteness to remember when cleaning up after them,” and another wrote, “This is my version of heaven.”

In a recent video The felinefosteradventure poster featured the group of kittens and asked viewers to “neuter/neuter your kittens! People don’t realize how fast cat colonies can grow with unpaid females.”

According to the ASPCA, foster families play an essential role in supporting animal shelters: “Foster families save lives by making space in your shelter, socializing animals, and helping prevent transmission of disease in the shelter and in foster pets.”

“Oh you chose chaos, I like it,” said one TikTok user. Another commenter wrote, “This is literally my dream life.”

The kittens came from a daycare where they were left with their mothers and are now being cared for at this TikToker home.

“You are a great person and an inspiration. Thank you,” said one comment. Another user asked: “Be honest, did you get down on the floor and someone put them all on you before you got back to serious business? I would have done it.”

news week asked felinefosteradventure for a comment.

A file photo of a box of kittens. A woman has garnered viral attention online and praise for taking in 30 foster kittens.
Getty Images/Nils Jacobi

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