The TN shelter accepts animals displaced from KY


MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — A shelter in Mt. Juliet took in 72 animals from eastern Kentucky after helping with rescues in the devastating flooded area.

There are currently 30 cats and dogs in foster homes. However, there are at least 42 other cats, kittens and dogs that need homes of their own.

“These recent floods in Kentucky have been devastating,” said Kristin Condit of True Rescue.

Two weeks ago, Condit and a team from the animal shelter True Rescue loaded two SUVs full of supplies to help an animal rescue emergency center in Perry County.

“Everyone was affected. Our initial plan was to bring pet food, tarpaulins, water, absolutely anything we felt we needed,” Condit said.

According to Condit, the shelter was without power when they arrived.

“Even though they didn’t take in water, they had quite a bit of damage at the shelter, so there was a lot of disinfecting and cleaning to do before they could take in animals,” Condit said.

In addition, over 200 animals had to be moved to other facilities before the eastern Kentucky shelter could accommodate displaced animals.

“After a few days, all of their dogs were released for 20 or 30, but unfortunately animals were coming in during that time,” Condit said.

She said that’s when the plan was diverted, when True Rescue brought a few dozen cats and dogs back to Mt. Juliet early.

“These animals had low blood pressure, were malnourished, were dehydrated, suffered some injuries while walking around as strays, but all of that was treated first in Kentucky,” Condit said.

She said now the animals are all healthy and safe after facing true devastation.

“Given the possibility of being in a stress-free environment, there aren’t many loud noises; They’re calm and forgiveness sets in and they’re just excited to move forward,” Condit said.

A few cats and kittens have been adopted from Kentucky, but True Rescue currently cares for over 300 animals.

If you are interested in adopting a furry friend or are interested in volunteering, please visit their website


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