Tredegar dog breeder drug dealer jailed


A DOG breeder has been caught with £11,000 worth of cocaine and cannabis and nearly £12,000 in cash as police search his home.

Matthew Brown, 38, of Tredegar, tried to claim the drugs were all for his personal use and the money came from raising dogs.

Officers found 65g of cocaine, 434g of cannabis and £11,970 in banknotes after a search of his home in July, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

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Police also seized a “burner phone” that contained drug-related messages related to discussions about buying goods by the kilo.

Martha Smith-Higgins, prosecutor, said: “After the defendant was arrested, he was questioned and for the most part he answered ‘no comment’ to the questions asked.

“He said he was not employed but would breed and sell dogs and earn between £1,500 and £5,500 from doing so.

“The defendant accepted that he was a regular cannabis user himself, but only used cocaine when out with friends.

“He initially claimed that the drugs were for personal use and that the money came from the proceeds from the sale of these dogs.”

Brown of Pretoria Terrace, Georgetown, pleaded guilty to cocaine supply concern and cannabis supply concern.

He also admitted to possession of cocaine with intent to supply, possession of cannabis with intent to supply and money laundering.

The defendant had 10 prior convictions for 15 offenses.

They locked one in for possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

David Pinnell, representing Brown, asked the judge to give his client full credit for his guilty plea.

The court was told that the defendant was a family man and that his wife “is not in good health”.

Judge Michael Fitton KC told Brown: “At 38 you know better – you’ve been there before.

“It was a cynical act to make money.”

He added that the defendant had a “hard-nosed side” about him.

Brown was sentenced to four years in prison and faces a felony hearing on October 25.


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