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Ludhiana: Ludhiana’s dog squad could soon have new members as two of the three dogs are about to retire. Authorities have written to the Punjab Police Academy in Phillaur demanding new dogs, including two explosives specialists and a tracker. The training of the puppies takes six months.
The Ludhiana Police Department’s dog squadron has a dog in three categories: Detection dog specialist (Pixie, a German Shepherd), explosives specialist (Sheru, a Labrador) and narcotics specialist (Sandy, also a Labrador). Every dog ​​has its own dog handler, who also trains him for different specializations. The explosives specialist Labrador Binny recently retired for health reasons and is looked after by the staff of the dog squadron. These specialty dogs have helped police seize drugs, find explosives, and solve break-ins, murders and rape cases.
The head of the Ludhiana dog squadron, ASI Gurdev Singh, said: “Our tracker specialist Pixie is nine years old, the explosives specialist Sheru is eight years old and the narcotics specialist Sandy is six years old. Pixie and Sheru are going to retire next year and we need more dogs. I have already written to the relevant department in PPA. ”
Sub-inspector Vikram Bhanot, who runs the dog breeding and training center at PPA, Phillaur, told the TOI, “The retirement age of a dog is 10 years, but some may retire earlier depending on their health. A committee is formed to buy puppies that are trained and appointed in different districts. In 2019 we bought 48 dogs. “
“We get demands from the districts. The pandemic had delayed the process because we weren’t allowed to train dogs. We get the best dog breeds in February, August and September. Next month we’ll be posting an ad for buying dogs. Then after a month, the canines will be appointed in different districts, ”he added.


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