Watch this dog ride a woodchuck on a NE lake


Golden retrievers and woodchucks become instant friends

You will not believe it. A golden retriever named Wally who loves to swim was swimming at Hickory Hills Lake in Lueneburg when he suddenly made a new friend who decided to take the easy route to shore by riding on Wally’s back, according to

The woodchuck decided to ride on Wally’s back and Wally seemed very unimpressed with the whole experience, the news channel reported. After the duo got back on the bank, they touched noses to say goodbye.

That sounds a lot like an idea for a children’s book, doesn’t it?

Why that would never happen to my dog

I’ve owned golden retrievers for most of my adult life. My first girl, Savannah, unfortunately crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9 years ago. She was a kind, lovable Golden who loved to swim.

My current gold is an English Cream and doesn’t like the water, but loves snow.

My rescue dog Buddy is partly a Border Collie, partly who knows what, but I can tell you that. He wouldn’t be nice to the woodchuck. Buddy gets along well with cats, but is super aggressive towards marmots. He lives in New Jersey with my daughter, and most of their neighbors have problems with marmots, but not them. Buddy sent them all to heaven.

Wally is a good sport

I loved this story about the wild, spontaneous interaction between these two creatures. I wonder what Wally was thinking. And I wonder about the woodchuck? Was the woodchuck just like, “Wow, I’ve seen creatures like this on land, but swim? Must mean he’s like one of us, let me hitchhike. “

I love Russell’s comment on “It came back to the island, hopped off its back and scurried away, and they kissed each other goodbye.”

If only the rest of us overlook our differences and how Wally and the woodchuck could get along.

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